Scandinavian Heart

Scandinavian Heart is a story set against the backdrop of the Occupy movement that explores the power of protest to change lives. The main protagonist is a Swedish student living in London, and it is her, and her romantic entanglements that give the play its namesake. Scandinavian Heart is inspired by activists and peaceful protesters, including those who lived in ‘Tent City’ around St Paul’s Cathedral and the piece, investigates the motivations and identities of a diverse group of people who are captured by the movement.
Scandinavian Heart gives a fictionalized account of the important historical event that helped to inform many other resistance movements, such as Extinction Rebellion and Fridays for Future, that we have seen in Europe in recent times. Scandinavian Heart was written produced and performed as part of the Camden fringe festival at Upstairs At The Gatehouse Theatre in London and at the Actors’ Church (the world-famous St Paul’s church) Covent Garden, London.

Songs from the play

Take Me Home

Vocals: Toni Robinson
Piano and BV’s: Matt Dibble
Written arranged produced and mixed by Dike Okoh
Engineered by Dayana Rodreguez


Wouldn’t you? 

Vocals: Sam Morgan Grahame
Piano: Matt Dibble
Drums: Corrie Dick
Keyboard Bass: Dike Okoh
Written arranged and produced by Dike Okoh
Engineered and mixed by Rafael Berlanga